Adding Moving Average to another Indicator

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1 year ago #260233

I’m sure this is easy, but I can’t seem to get it right. I would like to add a Moving Average to the ATR as a confirmation signa. Ex: ATR 50 Value > MA10 Value. Is this possible in this program?



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1 year ago #260269


this is a planned and it has already been added as a task into  our to-do list. We will soon implement this



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1 year ago #260280

It is called nested indicators. I think i requested that already 2017



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1 year ago #261916

Glad to see this is in the works.

I was able to click on the link to see the task.  However in order to vote for it, I logged in to the roadmap/tasks tool, but then got the message that I am not authorized to see the task.

A bit odd… When I am not logged in, I can see it.  When I am logged in I cannot!



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1 year ago #261946

Really looking forward to seeing this implemented also.

I’m amazed this hasn’t been a standard feature in Algo Wizard from the beginning to be honest.


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