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    This may seem a really basic question but I am struggling with even the simplest basics of using the UI. To me it seems to have reoccurring issues that stop you progressing.

    It Just won’t let me do the simplest of stuff. For example I am trying to create two variables.

    The first one bopipis below – I am unable to enter anything at all into the value. Why?

    The second one BreakoutLong –  how do I get rid of everything in the value box and start afresh? Delete just doesn’t work.


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    have you tried to delete both blocks are re-create? New assign for ‘bopips’ and new assign for ‘BreakoutLong’ with a new formula. We are still working on improving UI features. In the new build there will be a lot of improvements

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    Ok thanks.

    When does the new build come out?

    At the moment for those that want to get creative and build their own templates it is too frustrating and limiting to work with the AlgoWizard.

    I will have to give SQ another look at a future date and continue with my own manual back-testing process for now in MT4/MT5.

    It will be a fine product when all working properly I can already see that and its potential. It just needs focus on those bits to allow it to be used to its fullest potential.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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