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Christopher Walker

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2 weeks ago #278821

Has anyone talen Ali Casey’s Master Class? Thoughts on this and other sources of SDX / Algo Trading education? Thanks.



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1 week ago #278833

StatOasis are super helpful! But I am sure the cost for his master’s class is on the higher end. I could be wrong. But I know his master’s class is currently closed. When he will open it, I have no idea.

I feel like you could find most of his content that would be in his master class right on youtube. But remember, the methods he uses might work for him but not for you. So what I do is do my research, ask questions and test things that work for me. I feel like that is more rewarding.

There is another youtube channel that I think is a hidden gem, and it’s helped me out tremendously to get trading ideas, optimize, and think like an algo trader. I will link the channel as well as the two playlists I found helpful!


Darwinex Channel:


Playlist 1:

Algo Backtesting & Optimization for Alpha:


Playlist 2:

Algo trading for a living:






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1 week ago #278887

so I asked him, he said it’s currently closed as he owes support/attention to the students of his prior class… that ends in September and he will launch the next round after that… I’m on the wait list


Bee trader

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1 week ago #278967

Hi Chris,

Ali has published a lot of very useful SQX material on Youtube for free. You can have a look at this first and then decide if you need more help from him to setup your trading stuff.




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