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    I have an EA that trades against the trend in M1 timeframe, looking for a reversal. It can get big drawdowns when the 20 pip stop loss is hit and it re-opens a position again.

    I have added code to try to stop this from happening by using at the start of the trade entry condition:

    Closed P/L in Pips > -19

    or Bars since Order Closed > 500 (in M1 this is 500 minutes)


    The problem that I have is that it wont start the first trade in backtest as it won’t meet either of these conditions, so it doesn’t trade.

    To try to resolve this I added:

    or Market Positions Count = 0

    which I would have assumed would get the first trade started, but it still isn’t back testing. Any suggestions to get it to work?




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    you can add this into your condition to make the strategy open the first trade even if there was no trade previously open

    if (Bars since Order Closed == -1) OR (… your existing condition …)

    If the function cannot find a previous order (it will be the first trade) it return value = -1

    Let me know if that helped

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    Fantastic thanks Tomas, really appreciate all your assistance. Will try it out.

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