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    i just ask some question before i buy it

    1] can i make ea base on 3_Level_ZZ_Semafor indicator

    i know zigzag repaint, can EA WIZARD trade with this indicator.

    so there is 123, can i open customize position for each signal. say 1 for 10 pips, 23 for 20 30 pips.


    they open position next bar, so can EA WIZARD open “on bar”  just open “ONCE” when signal show up.

    3] since zz repaint so can EA WIZARD used “MTF” 3_Level_ZZ_Semafor  filter out noise, say 1H no.1 && 1M no.3   for 10 pips .

    1H no.1 && 1M no.3 for 20 pips….

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    the indicator you mentioned (semafor) suffers from the same “issue” as zigzag. It can provide signals that are later repainted. This type of indicators cannot provide any useful value since signals won’t be reliable at all

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    yes it zz, it repaint.

    but can EA open position when there is signal when next new bar/open where higher/lower the last bar LL/HH. where zz still stay at last LL/HH.

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    The import of this indi into EA Wizard works. So you can use it. But as Tomas said, this indi is complete useless because it’s repainting. It looks only nice…that’s all. And you can’t correct repainting afterwards in EA Wizard. That doesn’t work.

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    to reduce fake signal, i add filter. macd/ma

    so zz + filter, i manualy used filter for trend/market condition + zz to enter market.

    i am greedy, when i know the market condition. i just need the best time to open my position.

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