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    HI All,

    I had built some strategies some time ago and I had used the additional charts option to build these algos. However, the problem is that I have forgotten what these additional charts were and I cannot see what it’s expecting to see. When I now to retester now I get the error message. Does anyone know how to get around this?


    Error while running project ‘Retester’.
    Error: Not enough additional charts defined. Some strategies in databank expect at least 1 additional chart(s)., in setting: Data

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    what did you forgot – everything is in the strategy setting…

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    All the data is in the SQX file but if you are setting up Custom project tasks and you haven’t set up the correct additional charts in each step then this error can come up. I’ve never seen the error in retester though.

    Anyway to answer your question open Algo Wizard and load the SQX file into Algo Wizard, open the settings and you will see the data tab that includes what strategy data was used including any additional charts.

    Replicate this data setting in Retester and that should do the trick.

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    You can of course open the strategy in builder and read the source code in the Results tab if you’re comfortable doing that. That will also tell you what charts and TFs were used.

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