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    Hi, Friends,

    Pic one: This is the backtest, you’ll see lots of strategies with pass or fail, the reason I kept it beacuse I wanna know the reason of being rejected.

    Pic two: Then I wanna add a new task in project to filter the fail strategies. however I can’t find an condition of “fail” to use.

    I know I can input the same ranking conditions as what I use in the backtest rankings, but the automatic filtering conditions are not in the option to be chosen ( e.g too many trades closing at the same bar), and it’ll make the filtering result has still some fail strategies.

    Can anyone help ? Thank you.

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    on the Retester -> Ranking tab you can find an option to “Delete failed strategies” that is strategies that did not pass filters set

    You can also use the “Filter strategies” module for that but you need to define the same conditions here that caused strategies to failed in the first case

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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