Code: the most basic transaction signal to avoid deformation

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3 weeks ago #274045

Now the trading strategy code output by sqx: MT4 MT5 MC ts.. 1 there is a problem that the signal is deformed on the trading platform. 2 for trading platforms in other languages, it is very difficult to transplant the strategy. I tried to transplant it to c#, but failed.

I suggest that the sqx output trading strategy become a basic code function. The contents of this function are independent of the trading platform and only related to the input data. For example, the output value of
signal = signal (open, high, low, close, vol)
is similar to the sequence of -1 -1 1 1 1-1-1-1, indicating the direction of position.

In this way, if this function is written in Java or c# or C + +, it can be compiled into a DLL like file for other platforms to call. This perfectly solves the problem of signal deformation.



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1 week ago #274175

you can read the logic of the code from the “Pseudo code” presentation. If you have any further ideas for this please post a feature request into our roadmap using this link (you might need to register first using our website)


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