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Forums>StrategyQuant>General Discussion>compare editions and available data? can i import everything with starter?

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    iam wondering if i will be able to import commodity data (lets say from into the starter edition?

    Right now i have the trail version and tried to add data via Dukascopy data -> add new dukascopy data symbol -> GasSCMDUSD (natural gas) as Tick data and M1 data.

    However, although it says the data reached back to 2012, after importing it there is nothing in (total days 0 for both data types).


    i guess this isnt a trail version thing and i am just doing something wrong?

    Greetings and sorry for the silly question.

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    the GASCMDUSD data should be working as M1 from 2012 even with the trial version. I have just checked and it works good even as tick data. Did you download using the fast CDN option?

    If the issue persists for you, let me know to, we can check where the problem could be

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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