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    Good day forum people. I am backtesting the following currency crosses on the latest Mt4 platform.

    1. EURUSD from 01-01-2015 to 11-02-2019 using Strategy Tester of mt4. Working perfectly

    2. GBPUSD as for 1. above working perfectly.

    3. USDJPY as for 1. above working perfectly.

    4. GBPJPY problem as follows. I first I click on Dukascopy-Add new Dukascopy data symbol.  I then I click on forex crosses to click on GBPJPY. I then click on download data for an existing symbol having ticked the GBPJPY box. I then set up data range as per the above settings in 1, 2, and 3. I then export the settings to csv which loads the data to mt4 as per 1, 2, 3 above. When I set up the Strategy Tester on mt4 for GBPJPY it simply kicks out no matter what I do. Obviously, I set the tester exactly as I have done for the other currency crosses but every time for GBPJPY it fails. Please help me as to what to now look for. My Question is this. Why are the other three currency crosses working perfectly but not the GBPJPY cross?

    A sample of open USDJPY is attached.

    My email address is

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    Hello, did you try to reload the data? Delete first try to start from scratch? Did you try on a different MT4 installation?

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