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    Hello, it`s possible to add a button to can switch on and off the EA ?
    The global button “autotrading” in Menu MT4 is not good, because i use 4 EA`s in 4 markets.
    How can i add this ?

    Best regards for help

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    it would require some amount of coding, see this

    There is a simpler way though. You can setup a variable EAactive (int). Add this to your conditions to open orders as if (EAactive = 1) …..

    As EA is running on a chart you can modify this EA input and set it to = 0 so the EA will not open any new orders until you change it back to 1

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    Solution without coding: Open 4 MT4 instances and put only one EA per MT4 instance. So you can use the MT4-build-in-button. That’s how I am using it and it works fine.

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    hello – would the variable solution work with a True/false boolean rather than integer?

    would you not need to reload the EA for the change to take effect?

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