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    Hi All,

    I’ve created an algo which has a great backtest and am testing it in a live environment now. However, I’ve noticed that it doesn’t open the trades the same on different brokers.. and not only that, even with the same broker and different accounts I get different results. Sometimes on one account I will get a buy trade yet on another account, it’ll open a sell. I have no idea why this is happening.. appreciate there are slight price differences between brokers but this is really confusing me. Can someone advise? I think I read somewhere that certain indicators aren’t that accurate.

    Please find a copy of the algo in question.

    Can anyone advise why this is happening? I’m not clear which one is accurately opening the trades.



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    price differences can cause this but your strategy does not seems to be that complex to be sensitive to this. Do all brokers use the same timezone?

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    Yes I did check the timezones and they are the same so not sure why this is happening…

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