Forex Strategy Builder Professional vs. StrategyQuantX

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Oli Braun

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2 years ago #255071

Forex Strategy Builder Professional vs. StrategyQuantX


The systems seem to work very similar.

Does somebody know the differences?   Which one is the way to go? 😉




Mark Fric

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2 years ago #255076

as creators of SQ we are obviously biased, but SQ X is much more complex. FSB has maybe 20-30% of SQ X functionality.


Both have the basic features like generating trading strategies.


I haven’t looked at FSB for some time, but last time I checked it didn’t have support for some pretty basic things like stop/limit orders and real tick backtesting precision, not talking about more advanced things like Walk Forward Optimization + Matrix, Custom projects and generating strategies from templates.

I believe especially the last two things are very important because they allow you to create automated workflows with very complex steps and functionality.


So to sum it up – SQ X is more complex, it allows you to do much more. Because of its complexity it might be little more difficult to learn, but we have training courses and videos to help you with that.

StrategyQuant architect



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2 years ago #255091

Hi Oli,

there is not so much similar.


I have tested both systems. 5 years ago the  FSB functionality and SQ are comperable.

Now the development speed of the Strategyquant is faster as the development speed of the FSB(Forex Strategy Builder )

The Strategyquant has more funtionality as the FSB.

(The development team of Strategyquant is bigger at the moment, the development speed of SQ is very fast)


Now the Strategyquant 4.X has more functionality than the FSB

If you klick

you can see how much activity is in the development in Strategyquant.


Strategyquant has a big active community who test the software, find errors and make suggestions

for improvements.

You can look

to see the big activity.


Some errors existing, but this indicates that many people are using this software. Testing this and reporting errors.

Version 4.126 of Strategyquant is stable. Some small errors exists, but this is a growing process.


I am in Strategy development since 2012. I am observing the market a long time.

I suggest to buy Strategyquant. It is the best product at the market at the moment.


Oli Braun

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2 years ago #255167

Thanks to both of you!

Yes maybe you are biased but the trial version  speaks for itself. I am really impressed by all these option. Wanna test a few more days and then I need some more education to really start 😉


Amy Turner

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1 year ago #269075

forex strategies are the same everywhere, no matter how much I looked for something unique, everyone still has the same thing


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