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    Hi all

    I’m testing SQX on different machine setups and I was surprised to see that running the linux version on google cloud VM im getting worse performance than on my desktop.

    Here are the details:

    Google Cloud VM

    Machine type
    n2-highcpu-8 (8 vCPUs, 8 GB memory)

    CPU platform
    Intel Cascade Lake


    The CPU monitor shows 100% usage.

    The ” Time per strategy” at the moment is 1s. –> Strategies per hour: 3350.

    I’ve setup SQX on max performance inside the settings.


    On the other hand im running 1 instance on my local pc. Here is the config:

    Intel core i5-4460 3.2 GHz

    16 GB

    The ” Time per strategy” at the moment is 332ms. –> Strategies per hour: 10 800.

    What am I missing here? I would expect the cloud to produce much faster results.

    Any opinion would be much appreciated

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