Graphical analysis/patterns in SQX

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Diego Paci

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2 weeks ago #284287

Hello everybody
i m trying to understand more of Sqx as a total beginner.
it looks like an amazing software, but would like to understand more, here asking for advice.
from my basics of trading, I always learned the best indicator is price action. The algorithmic indicator should be more confirmation/filters.
his is the only concern I currently see in SQX, and would love to check if I m missing anything?
Is there any way (accessible, not professional coding which would miss the whole point) to work with graphic patterns in SQX? Eg, if I want to set a condition via trend structure, any way i can make SQX interpret anything like a trendline? also, often effective are continuation and inversion patterns (eg triangles vs head and shoulders).
finally, any way to work with something comparable to support/resistance? i noticed SQX has certain price action blocks, eg candlestick patterns or breakouts, but those are indeed normally more effective when working on support/resistance indeed.
hope my reqest was clear, would be really great to learn more from you. if any resource about this i might have missed, i’d be happy to go through if you could just point me out.
thanks so much in advance!



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2 weeks ago #284336


what you describe is pure Al Brook’s-like price action analysis which is highly subjective and discretionary. This is something not totally possible to manage using SQX .. but you can still explore price patterns, candlestick patterns, you can even write code to detect trendlines but this requires advanced Java coding. We could help with this if you have clear concept and ideas how to mechanically define such trading opportunities we could get involved and give you a hand


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