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Forums>StrategyQuant>General Discussion>How to set initial balance and MM% for each strategy in portfolio?

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    for example

    usdcad optimal % MM = 5% with balance 1500 usd

    eurusd optimal %MM = 3.5% with balance 900 USD

    usdjpy optimal %Mm = 7% with balance 2300 USD


    so how do I put them as a portfolio into one account MT4 with common balance?


    or portfolios are not possible in this case?

    only for each strategy its own separate account with its balance and MM%



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    or I would have to combine all trades from all strategies and then calculate optimal % MM

    but then how to tell for each individual strategy what initial balance it can take and MM% and later keep track of losses and profits, so it won’t take money out of other strategies?


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    when you merge strategies or trade them separately on the same account it does not matter it always use the same amount of balance. The ideal way for me would be when each strategy risks about the same amount of $$$ per trade …

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