I have a lot of problems with settings that resets itself/not working

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I am using SQ, version 135.868.

I try to create a custom project and I try to devide the data into training, ISV and OOS1 and OOS2
I want to make a task sequense that run something like this: build, check ProfitFactor for OOS1, Run MontyCarlo tests, check ProfitFactor for OOS2.

Some of the problems I Have:
1. When I move between the different tasks the “Start Day” and “End day” changes randomly
2. The filtering to move data from one task/database to another does not work. Sometimes no strategy moves to the next database even if I put ProfiFactor>0. No filters for OOS1 or OOS2 works.
3. Yesterday when I was trying to get it to work suddenly the building filtering didn’t work and strategies that was clearly not supposed to get saved was saved.

Anyone else having these problems? What should I do about it?




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can you attach your custom project? I can check and adjust


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