Ideas instead od “delete failed strategies”

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Vincent Orain

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7 months ago #284096

I do have one recomandation
In the workflow, we have an option to “delete failed strategies” in each databanks.
I think we should have an option in the case we don’t want to delete failed strategies :
– Retest all
– Retest Failed
– Retest Passed

Indeed sometimes i would like to let the worflow running by itself. But still I would like to have a look when i come back on the “failed” one. To improve my understanding.
Or we can even imagine that we would also like to retest only the “Failed” one to adjust our filters.

The fact is if i don’t delete failed strategies and let the workflow running, it retest everything and it’s it’s making a mess in the databanks.

PS: I wanted to post it in “report bugs and suggest ideas”, but for unknown reasons i am not allowed




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7 months ago #284170

Thanks for the idea, I will make a note to our dev team. What message do you get when try to add a new task / request?


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