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    Hello, I have a question with the generated code strategyquant x. -It is possible to call the indicators with the icustom function by creating the (handles) indicator function. – I leave the example of an EA where one of the indicators sqHeikenAshi I want to add the indicator inside the code of the ea.Thanks

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    you can call sqHeikenAshi simply by using iCustom(NULL, 0 , “SqHeikenAshi”, 0, 1) where the second “0” (zero) indicates the buffer number

    0 – HA Open
    1 – HA High
    2 – HA Low
    3 – HA Close

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    good luck with the validation process…many many changes in the MQL code need to be done and another things need to be added

    call the custom indicators is the easiest part

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    Hi, thanks for the quick help.
    Forgive my bad English speaking,
    I have this code generated by strategyquant x


    where it is already defined, the indicators calling the Icustom function,

    definicion indices buffer
    I want to introduce these indicators (Icustom) within the ea with the function of #Resources, add the indicators within the EA,
    to be able to share my strategy without having to share the indicators used by the strategy.
    I want to add the flags with the bool function inside the EA, thanks for your time.

    Mark Fric
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    with the new Build 127 there will be a possibility for adding youor own cusotm indicators as data, check:


    But it is little bit more complicated than just defining iCustom handles somewhere. If you want SQ to be able to use the custom indicator in strategy generation you have to either import it this way or implement it in SQ Code Editor.

    StrategyQuant architect

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    hi everyone, and to add the strategyquant flags: sqADX.sqARON ….. etc. inside the ea code,

    with the function create handles is sqADX,sqARON,sqheikenashi.etc.

    is this function possible inside the builder? for example the candlestick patterns are defined within the mql5 code, I want to introduce the strategyqunat indicators within the code generated by the builder.  the systems generated by strategyquant x, uses the custom indicators, to be called with the path% appdata / roaming … etc, I want these indicators to be combined with the generated strategy.
    avoiding having to load files within the path / appdata / roaming …… and also having to load all the indicators, when the generated strategy only uses 3 indicators.



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    Hi, if you want to share a strategy made with SQX with somebody, there is no need to overcomplicate things. Just send him the strategy with indicator files needed. No need to inject indis code into the EA code. Indicators will be placed into MT4(5) \ MQL4(5) \ Indicators then

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