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    Exporting data from the .dat files to .csv files using the gui is a very manual intensive process.

    For example. There is data for AUDJPY from 2003.12.1 and there is CADJPY from 2004.10.25.

    If the user selects both of them and then tries to export as a csv, then they have to set the date to 2004.10.25.

    If the user enters 2003.12.1 then the program reports an error that there is no data for that date for AUDJPY.

    What would be great would be to be able to just export all of the data to csv files without specifying a start date.

    This function could output the instruments into separate files, each with the start date set to the start of the data.

    This would probably be quick to implement.

    The program already loops over selected instruments and output to csv files.

    It just needs to have a checkbox to say “use the start dates that are in the data”, instead of the user being required to enter a start date.


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    we have added a new option into Data Manager that allows to “export all available data” so you will not be required to set date range for each symbol. All data available will be exported into appropriate file. The feature will be available with the next update

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    Thanks for doing that, it will make things a lot easier.

    Do you have any estimate of when the next update will be released that will include the feature?

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