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    I was trying to use sqx CLI to run builder. Is there a way to specify genetic options/trading options/building blocks in the command line? or is there a way to edit the .cfx file? It would be straightforward if the configuration file is in XML format.

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    you are able to control many functions using CLI even start the project. You can check this and this

    You can do almost anything. Simply run the Win command line and Sqcli.exe -h from the StrategyQuantX folder (with -h parameter) to list all available commands

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    Thank you for your help. I tried the help command and it still seems to me that the only way to specify config for a project is by specifying a configuration file(which I assume is manually exported from GUI version SQ). Is it possible to specify the specific indicators I want in CLI? or any ways to do this outside of GUI SQ?


    below is the help message:

    -project Manage projects.
    action: Performs the specific action [list,start,stop,pause,resume,remove,status,loadconfig,saveconfig]
    name: (optional) Project name
    file: (optional) Path of the config file
    sqcli.exe -project action=list
    sqcli.exe -project action=start name=Builder
    sqcli.exe -project action=stop name=Builder
    sqcli.exe -project action=pause name=Builder
    sqcli.exe -project action=resume name=Builder
    sqcli.exe -project action=remove name=Custom
    sqcli.exe -project action=status name=Builder
    sqcli.exe -project action=loadconfig name=Builder file=Builder.cfx
    sqcli.exe -project action=saveconfig name=Builder file=Builder.cfx

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    You can run a specific project. First configure the project in UI and then run it using cli.

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    Is there a way to modify building block parameters without using the UI?

    For example, can I change the java code in “SQX\extend\Snippets\SQ\Blocks\Indicators\…” and start SQX afterwards to specify the parameter range I’d like to use?

    I tried to delete some default parameter set in but after I started SQX UI nothing changed. I suppose it is because the indicator java code only specify the default setting; the code related to setting displayed on UI and actually used is somewhere else.

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    everything is stored in settings file inside user-projects directory – project.cfx which are zipped XML files, so if you can edit those XML files you dont need to set params in the GUI

    but i am afraid that this is not an easy task, not with manual approach

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