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    I was wondering. Is it possible to let the robots add positions to winning trades and to cut losses more quickly? That way

    we can increase profits on winners and cut losses on losers.

    Please let me know,

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    there is a plan to add support for scaling in/out of trades which can partially solve this.

    You can also setup a strategy template that would do this but without knowing more on your rules it cannot be done.

    Personally I do not use this kind of method in my trading since I want to have everything as simple as possible but many traders actually confirm the idea… those trades that tend to work best are those that kind of work immediately with no or very small drawdown …

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    Thanks for the reply. I guess this adds to the quote let your winners run and cut your losses since most of the time a winner is a winner from the start.

    What do you mean with a plan of scaling in and out of a trade? Are you planning to develop this into the software? And if so, do you know when this will be


    Unfortunatly I am still evaluating and trying to grasp the software so playing around with templates is out of my reach for now.

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    Anyone know when scaling in and out of trades in terms of lotsizing will be added so smalltimers like myself can grow baby account

    so we can purchase this amazing software?


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    i am afraid that no method of MM could make an easy money

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    I think that increasing the risk (increasing lotsize) could do the job if you ask me. I noticed that positions that go the right predicted direction mostly end in a TP compared to positions which go into debt first and then when lucky it redirects.

    Just how I have seen it until now.

    Thanks for your reply btw ;)

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