Maximum Lots Size over Broker’s setting

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1 month ago #270794

Hello, I would like to know if SQX can place multiple orders of 100 lots X 10 times + 50 lots if SQX computes 1050 Lots from Money Management(Risk fixed % of balance or Risk fixed % of account) . For example, 100 Lots is the maximum lots of Broker in this case. If maximum lots is 40 lots for other broker, I want to place 40 Lots x 26 times + 10 lots for 1050 Lots from MM by SQX.

Is it possible for SQX ? If not, I want to request this function in SQX. Please think about it.

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1 month ago #270896


not sure what you mean by the example you posted. It isn’t still quite clear for me. Generally for any special money-management models it is likely the best to build them manually using AlgoWizard. For better understanding you can check the example attached

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