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Forums>QuantDataManager>General Discussion>MT4/5 Export Algorithm is SLOW. Why? Because it exports ALL time frames!!!

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    Like many traders, I ONLY need to use ONE time frame for my symbols.

    Unfortunately, there’s no possibility to choose the time frames you want to export to MetaTrader.
    As a result, for one symbol, you get 7 huge MT4 files !!! instead of one (see below).

    If you use 30 symbols, then I let you calculate :

    1) the useless hard disk space you need.
    2) the useless CPU computation time to create the different time frames files.
    3) the useless hard disk write processes and time !!! to create the files.

    Mr programmer, please let the traders choose which time frame they need !!!

    Thank you.

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    this has been fixed into next update where you will be able to configure which timeframes to export. Hope that helps

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    Excellent! Thank you Tomas

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