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    I have discovered that “refresh” (right-click menu in MT4 navigator) is necessary for MT4 to recognise a new EA without closing/restarting, however this seems to result in losing all assigned variables in other running EAs. (Correct me if this is wrong).


    Is there a way of preserving current variable information stored in memory of several EAs while allowing MT4 to recognise a newly added EA?


    A second related question  – Will ‘Reset’ (button on EA inputs screen) result in losing the current stored variables of that EA?

    (I could of course find this out by clicking the button to see what happens, but I don’t want to lose the current state of the variables running live, so asking the question is preferable at this moment.)

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    I think you cannot avoid that. It is how MT4 is set up.

    If you use the reset button and then confirm the dialog it will update the variable values

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    OK, understood. Thanks Tomas.

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