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    Hi, I’m very new to the quant forex trading and I have only 1 year of experience with SQ 3.8.2.

    I’m a little uncertain how I plan my further steps as retail trader here with SQ3 and SQ4 because I found the page

    and now I want to ask here to share some experiences if SQ3+SQ4 the right way to trade the forex market. I like SQ3 but my results are more average. So my question is, have I with SQ3 (and maybe with SQ4) a good trading advantage in the forex market with all the other forex trader?

    Make it sense to invest more time to understand the backround with trading SQ3 + SQ4?

    Where are the boundaries trading forex with SQ3+SQ4 and quant trading with Linux and Python?

    Can I say SQ3+4 is more for retail trader will small account and quant trading with activBrokers+python more for rich retail trader and institutional trader?

    Thanks for your open replies.

    Regards Chris

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    You can do both. Login into quantstart and  work with 3.8.2 and 4.X

    You can report some success from quantstart in the future in this forum.

    I am working more than 5 years with 3.8.2. It takes a long time to get first success with algorithmic trading. All what you need is in this forum.


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    Wow, 5 years of experience in SQ3. so I will spend some day to search in this forum.

    Regards Chris

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