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    Can someone please explain for me something under the retesting tab.

    Let’s say I have 10,000 EURUSD strategies and I want to test them for robustness across 3 additional markets.

    There are two place where I can input different currencies

    1. Data tab. 

    2. Cross Checks tab

    Which one do I use? Do I need to populate them both with the same info?


    Also, let’s say I had built my my initial strategy based on 1% of £1,000 and I wanted to check the stats on what would happen at 2% instead. Do I need to change these parameters and run under the retest tab; or there’s someone I could just change this one parameter and see the immediate results under the builder? Im guess the latter, but just to check Im not missing something.





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    in data tab you can choose only 1 market for retest, through crosscheck on another market, you can make all 3 tests together

    so it doesnt matter where and how you are retesting, but the way how it works is different

    another way is to make your taskflow through the custom projects, where you can put all tests together automatically

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    Thats great, thank you :)

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