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    Hello guys,


    I’m trying to add the feature of “Risk fixed % of account” to my strategy at the Moneny Management tab, but the lots are not increasing, even with the MM on. When I export it to MT4 and change the options, doesn’t work too, is always using the same lots.

    Can some help me with this? Thanks you.


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    The % Risk is working with your SL, if your SL is big then the risk % will not be set, depends on your account balance also,

    maybe it somehow will be fixed or calculated differently in SQ4..

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    The trailing stop is working. But I think that wouldn’t need to influence in the risk % of trade, the idea is when the Total Balance is increasing the lots did too, but aren’t.

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    did you create your strategy with “SL required”? Some strategies do not have the initial stop-loss defined so the % risk to calculated actual position size won’t work (only fixed)

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    Yes, I did now. It’s solved, thanks you!

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    Can you tell me how you solved it? The same thing has happened to me in my strategy

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    it seems the problem was that the strategy didn’t have any Stop Loss defined. Without SL, strategy is not able to use money management model based on risk, so it will trade with default size.

    So if it doesn’t work for you check if your strategy uses Stop Loss.

    StrategyQuant architect

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