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    I’m new here. Sorry if this subject is old, but I couldn’t find the answer to it anywhere.

    So basically is there a seed setting for SQ strategy builder somewhere. I’d like to to know if I  keep settings and restart the strategy generation again, if I’m about to generate the same strategies again than the last time. Meaning that random number generator in SQ gives same sequence out since the seed number is the same, OR do I get everytime different strategies from same settings due to automatically altering internal seed number?

    Or I’m I missing somehting major here


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    Hello, the initial generation (if genetic evolution is used) is always a set of randomly generated strategies (based on build settings) so basically it is highly unlikely you will ever get the same set of strategies on each build.

    I am talking about general settings. In an extreme case if you set initial population size to lets say 2 strategies and select only 1 indicator there is much higher chance of getting the same initial population on multiple occasions

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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