SQX 137 lags more than previous version?

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Joey Oon

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4 weeks ago #283469

Hi, I notice that the latest version 137 official release, when running builder on MT5 EURUSD H1 data or faster from Dukascopy with the standard mean reversal or market config, it seems to go into a start-stop-start cycle where CPU fan goes up and down continuously. When I use D1 data instead, then it just run continuously.. I am running i7-13700k, 64GB DDR5 RAM (48GB allocated to SQX), m.2 NVME SSD. Please let me know if there is a lag issue



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3 weeks ago #283496


do you use any adjustments or just the default configs you mentioned? I am testing now and it sees working fine on my station. You might record a short clip. You can let us know to our email [email protected]


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