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    Can anyone confirm how/where to create a Custom Function in AlgoWizard.

    Have tried the following:

    1. Add New Condition.

    2. Under the Functions drop-down list select “(CUST) Custom Function”.

    3. This displays the following summary message:

    “Call you own function. You can specify any MQL command here or call a function defined in /Code/CustomFunctions.mq4 file. You are responsible for using the function correctly”.

    4. Underneath the above summary message is a Text field to enter the Command/Function.

    5. However…When I either use an existing (default) function in the CustomFunctions.mq4 file or add a new one and then Generate the Source Code for MQ4 the Function Definition is not defined, even though it is defined in CustomFunctions.mq4 file.

    6. Because of Step 5 above there is an error when compiling the Source Code in MT4 MetaEditor  – Error message “Function not defined”.

    Some others questions are:

    1. Even if the above was successful would it work with SQX Retester & Optimizer?

    2. If the above is not the correct way then why is there the Summary Message in Step 3 above?

    3. Are Custom Functions for SQX required to be coded in Java?

    4. Is there any documentation on creating Custom Functions?





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    can you attach zipped files you setup? I mean the CustomFunctions.mq4 + your project file + final strategy code

    Alternatively you send to

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