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    The support & resistance tutorial very old version so i can’t follow steps. So could you teach or help me create an EA with support & resistance.

    My strategy like that:

    EA will check support & resistance in one month, then will draw support and resistance on chart. If price touch to resistance, EA will put one buy stop from resistance 15pips, with TP and SL, same time will make an order sell, with TP and SL. For Support level is same strategy.


    Thank you for your kindly support,

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    but how will you define support or resistance?

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    :(( I don’t know. It’s from AlgoWizard.

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    If you want to automate this you can only refer to some important price points like previous month high/low or last week high/low and similar.

    You can easily refer to those prices in AlgoWizard. Check the screenshot attached

    The point of the Support & Resistance tutorial for EA Wizard was to enable semi-automatic trading for users that want 1) to draw horizontal lines onto a chart … 2) to let an EA trade off those levels automatically but the levels are drawn manually based on traders discretion

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    Thank you Tomas,

    Can you code as my idear? I don’t know how to do on wizard.


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