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    Is it not possible to select 1-minute data tick simulation for Tradestation engine?

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    Correct, all about TS/MC engine is explained there, just quoting for others:

    Right now, it is possible to use Tradestation / MultiCharts testing engine with ‘Selected Timeframe’ testing precision.  This is sufficient for all types of orders – market, stop, limit. Tradestation / MultiCharts work reliably with this kind of test precision, and it can be used in live trading.

    We are working on adding also better precision modes, they will be added in one of the future builds.

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    This is a must have ofourse evryone that used SQ for avail knows this. Requested this 2016 i think thats why i am still on MT4 and MT5. How should you test 1000 strategies look inside bar feature on tradestation.

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    Tomas, how does it work? In H1 with 1-minute data, the engine uses only the H1 OHLC?

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