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    I don’t understand.

    Using “Build Strategies”, M1 DATA, Timeframe M5, on EURUSD : I generated 300 strategies that are Profitable in IS and OOS, that have a Profit Factor above 1.2 in IS and OOS, that have a DD% below 40% in IS and OOS, and a Return/DD above 2.5 in IS and OOS.

    Then I send them to re-test and I use TICK DATA.

    NOT A SINGLE ONE strategy is profitable now…


    What is the point of using other data than TICK DATA to Build Strategies ?

    OK it is faster, but if you scrap all your strategies in the Retest, than I am not saving any time !


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    Hi Thomas,

    I think the strategies are all curvefitted.

    How do you generated this strategies.

    How long was IS and OSS


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    I used Dukascopy data.

    IS = 05.05.2003 to 01.07.2011

    OOS = 01.07.2011 to 31.12.2014


    In the Genetic evolution, I chose : population 100, generations 100

    In the Building blocks I selected almost everything except Dojis.

    And I selected symmetric Enty and Exit strategies for Long and Short.



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    You can post your settings here I will check it on my machine.


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    Hello, you can post zipped settings file now. We are also extending allowed file extension for forum uploads

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