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    I’ve recently finished the video courses from Quastic (Zdenek Zanka) and Autotrading Academy. I’ve also completed the whole Pipsology course online. I was wondering what other books/videos/websites/courses people on here had found useful when they first started out?

    I’ve already searched on the forum and found these recommendations:

    • Kevin Davey
    • Perry Kaufmann
    • Robert Pardo
    • Ernest Chan
    • Howard Bandy

    I’m specifically looking to read more around:

    • Generating ideas for strategies – what combinations of markets/timeframes/indicators/entries/exits etc etc work well together (and importantly why)
    • Portfolio management – how to empirically optimise your portfolio of strategies

    However, this could serve as a useful thread for general reading/watching recommendations…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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