Tick Downloader

What is Tick Data Downloader?

Tick Downloader is a freeware tool that allows to download quickly tick data from Dukascopy, which has a good quality and is reliable for backtest of your strategies.

  • It allows to download tick by tick data very quickly
  • All data from Dukascopy is available: forex, comodities and indeces
  • Tick data allows backtesting with 99-per-cent accuracy
  • It is compatible with Birt‘s TD Suite, StrategyQuant and AZ-Invest.eu
  • It calculates automatically higher timeframes as well: M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1
  • It is possible to change the timezone of the data and if necessary, then remove weekend data

The downloaded tick data can be used for Birt‘s TD Suite, MetaTrader 4, or in StrategyQuant to perform a backtest with 99-per-cent accuracy.

GET Tick Downloader

Backtest your ideas using tick data.

Version 4.4.0

* High quality data is provided free of charge directly from the Dukascopy broker from their website. Before you use the data, please read their terms of use. We are not connected to the Dukascopy company in any way, we just provide the tool for easier download of the data.

Software that supports tick data

Here is a list of software products that allow you to use tick data downloaded using Tick Downloader. If you know other products, please, let us know.


Algorithmic trading software that can automatically search for, suggest and export trading strategies that you can later run in MetaTrader and other platforms.

Birt`s Tick Data Suite

An excellent solution for backtesting on tick data directly in MetaTrader 4.

If you are a strategy developer for MetaTrader 4, this software product is necessary for you.

AZ-Invest Range Bar and Renko Chart Plugin for MetaTrader 4

A complete solution for non-standard charts in MetaTrader 4: RangeBars, Renko, Median & Turbo Renko plus PointOriginal charts. All types of charts can be backtested using tick data.

How to update?

Just download a new version, install it into the same folder where your software is currently installed and the installer detects that update is needed and performs it. You don‘t lose any data but if you used a folder for data other than the default setting, it is recommended to check the setting.

What's new?

Version 4.6

Version 4.5

Version 4.4

Fixed one more issue with slow tick data download speed, enabled autoupdater - TDD will now update itself.

Fixed issue with slow data download speed

Fixed configuration of CFDs - fixed initial configuration of download folder

Version 4.3 

Added autoupdate feature

Version 4.2

Out of license reasons the software was renamed to Tick Downloader

Version 4.1

PSupport of timezones with DST (summer time) was added

Version 4.0

Built on a new platform with automatic updates; the option to change a timezone and remove weekend data was added