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Introducing new video series from StatOasis

Kornel MazurMay 28, 2020

  Our partner Ali Casey from StatOasis has started a new video series, which shows interesting approaches on how to work with StrategyQuant. In the first video he explains how …

Limit moves & circuit breakers in markets

tomas262March 13, 2020

Limit moves and circuit breakers are tools used by exchanges to prevent very large market moves and to protect market participants. It represents the maximum amount of market price change before trading is stopped or paused by the exchange. While the limit move is applied in a various amount of futures markets, the circuit breaker is commonly used in the stock market.

Futures trading – what’s new? + Equity

Kornel MazurMarch 11, 2020

It has been four months since we released the new StrategyQuant futures package which includes a data subscription, strategies and an e-book. What’s happened since this time? How is the …