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-data Manage data


action: Performs the specific action [update,import,export,clone,list,timezones]

symbol: Symbol to import

filepath: Path of file to import

instrument: (optional)Symbol instrument

bartype: (optional)Bar type [startofbar, endofbar]

errorhandling: (optional)Data errors handling [stop,ignore]

timezone: (optional) Timezone [Etc/UCT, Europe/London, America/New_York…]

timeframe: (optional) Imported timeframe [auto,Intraday,TICK,M1,M5,M15,M30,H1,H4,D1]

datefrom: (optional) Date from in format ‘yyyy.MM.dd’

dateto: (optional) Date to in format ‘yyyy.MM.dd’

outputdir: (optional) Target directory

prefix: (optional) File prefix

format: (optional) Format, [#ExportAvailableCsvFormats#] (MetaTrader4 bar format)

postfix: (optional) Data postfix (_{timeframe}_{cloneTime})

removeWeekends: (optional) Remove weekends [true,false] (false)

hours: (optional) Fixed shift in hours [stop,ignore]



sqcli.exe -data action=update
sqcli.exe -data action=update symbols=GBPUSD_M1
sqcli.exe -data action=import symbol=EURUSD instrument=EURUSD filepath=C:/data/EURUSD.csv
sqcli.exe -data action=export symbols=EURUSD_M1,GBPUSD_M1 timeframe=M1 datefrom=2018.01.01 dateto=2018.12.31 outputdir=C:/data
sqcli.exe -data action=clone symbols=AUDCAD hours=8
sqcli.exe -data action=timezones


Note – data work on existing symbols. Before you can import or update data for some symbol you have to create it using the -symbol command.


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November 22, 2021 12:40 am

this is very helpful !! thank you for the CLI !