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Introduction – What is StrategyQuant

What is StrategyQuant?

StrategyQuant is a powerful strategy generation and research platform. It is a program that:

  • Automatically generates new unique trading strategies for virtually any asset – forex, stocks, futures or ETFs
  • Retests / Reoptimizes the strategies with different markets or settings
  • Performs advanced cross checks (strategy robustness tests) to ensure that strategies have real market edge

By using StrategyQuant, you can find profitable trading strategies for virtually any market, any timeframe and any chart type. No programming or trading knowledge is required.

The resulting strategies can be saved with complete source code as a code that you can run on the supported trading platforms – like MetaTrader 4 / 5.

With StrategyQuant you can:

  • Generate an unlimited number of unique trading strategies for virtually any market or timeframe
  • Save your strategies as a MetaTrader 4 / 5 Expert Advisor Tradestation or Ninja Trader strategy with full source code – please note that for now we are working on support for MT4 /5 in SQ X, other trading platforms will follow shortly.
  • Eliminate the manual labor previously required when developing a trading strategy
  • Find new trading strategies that are not only unique, but also non-obvious
  • Reduce the time required to build a strategy from weeks and months to minutes!
  • Improve your existing strategies
  • Optimize your strategies and find the best parameters
  • Test your strategies for robustness and analyze their performance


Is StrategyQuant Right for You?

If you trade using automatic trading system (called also robots or Expert Advisors) or you plan to develop your own trading strategies, then StrategyQuant can save you money and hundreds of hours of your time.

Some traders prefer to purchase an existing trading robot; there is a multitude of offers especially for Forex.

While this can be an effective way, by purchasing someone’s forex robot you are usually purchasing a black box – you don’t know how it works, what are the exact rules and you are at mercy of its creator with potential adaptations to changed market conditions.

StrategyQuant allows you to create your own trading strategies, exportable to a plain Expert Advisor source code, so you have full control over your strategy.


What If You Are a Manual Trader?

You can still use for StrategyQuant to generate the trading ideas. You’ll be surprised to find many profitable strategies based on relatively simple rules that you wouldn’t think of.
Every strategy that is created by StrategyQuant can be exported to readable pseudo code with full description of the trading rules and can be traded also manually.


What to Expect

Please keep in mind that StrategyQuant is a powerful tool, but it is not a magic box that will start making you money with a click on a button. It has to be used in the right way to get the results.

Generating new strategies in StrategyQuant is only about 50% of the work.

The rest of the work has to go into evaluating the generated strategies to filter out the ones that are curve fitted or not robust enough.
It is up to you to evaluate your new strategies properly and know their strengths, weaknesses and limitations before you put them to live trading.

It can easily happen that only 1 out of 1000 the profitable strategies generated by StrategyQuant strategies passes the rigorous robustness tests and we can consider using it for live trading.
But – the number of strategies we can generate is almost endless, so even 1% of infinity is a pretty big number 🙂

There are few steps to evaluate the strategies quality and measure how good they will be in real live trading.

Please read the Cross checks – automated strategy robustness tests section for more information.




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George Michael
George Michael
10. 11. 2021 8:35 am

Can I import or export Ninjatrader indicators and expert advisor?

Reply to  George Michael
10. 11. 2021 11:06 am


NinjaTrader is not supported in StrategyQuantX. You can only work with the logic itself. Create an EA manually using AlgoWizard, then test read pseudo-code and code manually in NinjaTrader. It is also a valid approach on creating systems for NT. If you have some basic NT template then you just modify entry / exit / management rules.

27. 2. 2022 12:23 am

I dont get why these fail so much in mt4/mt5 backtester. I have generated hundreds of strategies and non-pass any final test to make it. How long does it take to create one strategy? I have spent countless hours and it doesn’t seem to be any good systems. I dont get it, I thought this would be more efficient.

Reply to  traderthomas
28. 2. 2022 1:34 pm


when you use the pure randomization to find a robust solid strategy it can take a lot of time. If you supply a template it can significantly shorten the time required. You can check an example here

11. 5. 2022 3:29 am

Hello.I want to create an EA that can repeat a trade until a given Market price ….what code do I use?

Reply to  deohai
11. 5. 2022 11:38 am

you can create a strategy using our AlgoWizard. You can create a condition that controls the price. Let us know to if you need futher help

alpa fib
alpa fib
2. 6. 2022 3:18 pm

The expertise generated runs error-free in Meta Editor 5, but unfortunately does not run in the strategy tester& Meta Trader 5 .please guide me.

Reply to  alpa fib
2. 6. 2022 8:08 pm


make sure you follow post-installation steps for MetaTrader shown in this article

alpa fib
alpa fib
Reply to  tomas262
3. 6. 2022 2:54 pm

Thanks a lot.

Bernard Pena
Bernard Pena
4. 5. 2024 11:59 am

I was downloading data from the platform with the free trial and an error showed. The application error is UI became unresponsive. Now, I am trying to continue the download but not able to continue.

Reply to  Bernard Pena
8. 5. 2024 7:36 pm

Please contact our support at with more details, we will look into it