What is the difference between StrategyQuant and EA Wizard?

Author: Mark Fric

May 5th, 2015

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EA Wizard is an old version of strategy editor, it is no longer developed or sold.

Please check our new editor with build-in backtesting capabilities online at:



They are two different programs.

EA Wizard allows you to create your EA for MetaTrader4 without programming, using a simple wizard-like system where you define your trading rules (conditions and actions).
With EA Wizard you need to know the rules of the strategy you want to build. You can then export your strategy as MT4 EA and test or run it on MetaTrader.

StrategyQuant is an advanced platform that uses machine learning techniques to generate new unique trading strategies. With StrategyQuant you don’t specify the exact strategy rules, the rules are generated randomly from preselected building blocks. You can find more about how it works here.
StrategyQuant generates trading strategies for MetaTrader4 , Tradestation, MultiCharts, NinjaTrader, it has its own backtesting engine and an advanced optimizer with support for Walk-Forward optimization plus a lot of other features.

To say it simply:

  • if you know what kind of strategy you want to make and you only need to transform your idea into EA – use EA Wizard
  • if you want to generate new strategies and trading ideas using machine learning – use StrategyQuant

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