custom indicator raise message “has differences in close prices”

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I try this great app for the first time.

I want to use a custom indicator, and when I start the generation the system raise a warning:

Custom indicator ‘myindic’ has differences in close prices from symbol data.

it contains differences on 29990 bars, which is 98% of the data.

do you want to continue?


So I understand that the values generated by MT4 for my indicator don’t match the ones in the system.

certainly due to a different timezone or something else but I don’t see any option.


is there any advanced guide on how to use custom indicators?

how can I generate myself the data for the indicator to solve the issue?



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7 years ago #122911



this means that your data in MT4 are different than data in SQ.

This is normal if you didn’t buy or get history data from somewhere and you didn’t load the same data to both programs because each broker has his own data,

they can differ slightly even if they are in the same timezone.


You can do these things:

– export current data from SQ and import it to your MT4


– export data from your MT4 and import it to SQ


In both cases you’ll get the same data in both programs. Then regenerate and reimport your custom indicator and you shouldn’t see warning about different close prices.



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