How do i insert a custom indicator in my EA

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7 years ago #111842

Dear All


I am new here and have found that the SQW is an amazing software.


If I have a  set of codings for daily pivot points (attached mq4 file), would I be able to insert them in the SQW.  I would like the indicators to be part of my EA which I can then use to trigger the buy/sell transactions once the other conditions are met.


Would I be able to insert the entire codings in the custom function or should I be defining each of them in the custom function.  If so, how do I go about doing it.


Would greatly appreciate the assistance of support or anyone who could point me to the correct direction.


Tq for your assistance



Mark Fric

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7 years ago #123346

Hello Tony,


you can import any custom indicator that you have in source code into EA Wizard and then work with it as if it is build in EA Wizard.


So you can add this Pivots indicator to EA Wizard and then use it in your conditions, it shouldn’t be difficult.


I recommend you to check a few EA samples (on Home screen of EAW) to see how the conditions could look like.



StrategyQuant architect


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