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    do you have an myfxbook link for your ea ?



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    I have a myfxbook account and was trying to link to my FXCM EA account VPS but somehow I can’t  get it work


    Anyway I will be ditching FXCM, thinking of migrating to a new FX broker, which one are you using now and any recommendation?

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    SQ works for me too, its all about your mind set and psychology, what type of trader are YOU?, i’m building portfolios that match my style and my type of trading and psychology, and thats small TPs and big SLs, i like to see more winners then losses and that keeps me calm plus some more things like low DD% under 30% and so, and etc….


    i would like to see SQ4 in the near future i hope that all the older bugs fixed and new stuff added and the speed has increased  :),


    *about a good broker i would recommend ActivTrades, never had an issue with them, they in biz since 2001..



    Mark you the best thank you!, godbless you and your team, very excited to see SQ4 already :)

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    I am not to success full but I only had SQ for a couple of months and I am on Ninjatrader with some compability problems . However I use SQ generated code from seemly good generated strategies as base in structures build with ( bloodhound. This way I can manually easily ad multi timeframe and actually create pretty nice looking systems without to much work or manually coding . Combining SQ profitable daily systems with Hourly systems seems to have potential benefits with results that I have not reached before. You might say I was stuck and out of ideas but SQ have opened a whole new range of possibilities. All thought I have to skip the complex strategies that comes from SQ and try and find the  simple ones.

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