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6 years ago #113572

I’m trying to make a simple EA that closes an existing trade in the following way:


When Heiken Ashi candle changes color – close the trade.  Thats it.


I am attaching an indicator that alerts to color change, but I don’t know how to create an EA that closes the trade.

Please help.



Mark Fric

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6 years ago #129751

do you mean that you want to close an existing trade that was opened manually?


This is little bit difficult using EA Wizard, because it was not made to manage manual trades. It uses magic numbers in orders to recognize the orders placed by the EA.

Manual trades don’t have any magic number, so most of the functions of EA Wizard will not work on them.


It can be solved by using a custom function, but that would require a little programming. 


Detecting a change in Heiken Ashi color is very simple, you don’;t need an indicator for that. The color is changed always when the candle s change from bearish to bullish and vice versa.

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