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    A lot of my strategies use Partial take profits along with break even and trailing stop money management.

    I run optimization to find the best parameters. Some pairs its best to take 100% profit, some 75%, some 50%, and some 0% and just exit on the trailing stop.

    On strategies set to take 0% profit the EA Wizard design still has it take a 0.01lot partial profit. Thats not really a big deal at all. Its so little, but its not supposed to do that.

    Any thoughts on this function? Should this be the case? Doesn’t it seem wrong?

    It can easily be worked around by the EA builder ofcourse with a simple variable like “UsePartialProfit= true/false” but it still strikes me as weird that it takes some profit, despite being set to 0%.
    Is this EA Wizard? Mt4? Both?

    Wasn’t really sure if this should be general discussion, feature request, or application support.

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    it would be helpful if you attach your strategy (EA Wizard file) so I can check

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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