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    I purchased the software yesterday and have been working on it for hours trying to get my strategy going. I feel I spend more time surfing around the web trying to find examples or topics or programming code of what I’m trying to do and spend very litle time actually coding my system.


       I’m working on the 1st rule which is to determine the main overall trend which we’ll call “Main Trend Long”.  The strategy uses 1 time from to determine the main trend(larger time frame) and then smaller time frame to execute trades in the diection of the larger time frame. The larger time frame has 3 basic rules:


    Fast Ema crosses above Slow EMA and  

    RSI is above “x” and

    Stochastic is trening up but not in over bought(I defined overbought by not being greater then 80)



    Draw up arrow and this would be a confimred long trend signal and we would start to look for only up trend trades on the smaller time frame chart(which would be defined in a seperate rule, aka rule#2) .  The larger time frame is only to refrence the main trend for the strategy and needs to be checked each time to confirm the last known trend before a trade is taken on a smaller time frame chart.


    What I believe I have programmed so far is up to the point where the arror is drawn to signal on the higher time frame chart that we have an uptrend.  Before I continue I would like to see if I atleast got that part correct if so how do I then have Rule#2(which I will program next) rekonize that rule 1(higher time frame) is either true = long trend at which I would be looking to execute on the shorter time frame chart long tradesor or it reconizes rule 1 is false = down trend(which I can clone) and I would be looking to to execute short trades only( I can clone the false part once I’ve gotten the long part all set.  Each time before a trade is placed on the shortere time fram it always checks back to seen what the last known trend on the higher tinme fram was.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.


    Thank you

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    Hi Dan, when you get fully familiar with Wizard which takes some time like anything you will do stuff like this very easily


    Just few questions:

    1. Do you just need to see signals (arrow or whatever) or do you want your EA to execute your trades?
    2. Can you attach SQW EA Wizard project file? I need to see how you setup your rules
    3. How do you define trading signal on lower timeframe?


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