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    Is there API documentation for the Analyser available  like what you have for StrategyQuant ?


    I’m dipping my toes in the water by writing a P/L distribution Chart plugin, all seems very straightforward but would like to know what I have at my disposal in terms of API :)





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    Do you mean this?

    Yes but for SQ Analyser, that appears to be for Strategy Quant

    Mark Fric
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    no, it is the same API for the new version 4 that can be used also in QuantAnalyzer, it can be used in snippets and scripter.

    Also, there is a code autocomplete in QuantEditor that helps.


    But I know that the documentation on how to extend the programs is not perfect, so if you are struggling with anything just write it here or by email and I’ll either reply here or we’ll extend the documentation.

    StrategyQuant architect

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    Thanks for that,


    When I first looked at it over the weekend I couldn’t find some functions that were in your current plugins that I was browsing through, I must have been smoking something as I can see them now doh!


    Thanks for the reply guys, my bad

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