Has anyone joined

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6 years ago #114621

Has anyone joined community?



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6 years ago #134782

I haven’t joined, not because I don’t think it might be worthwhile, but simply because it would eat up so much time to learn the framework there and read all the articles and discussions.



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6 years ago #134786

They’re a competitor of strategyquant.



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6 years ago #134789

I think it is not a competitor.

I have tried the generator from Asirikuy


StrategyQuant is better. Has more features and Robustnesstests.

More Building Blocks. etc..





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6 years ago #134813

I am a member.

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6 years ago #134814

I am a member too and don´t see it as competition. The tools Asirikuy has to offer add perfectly to SQ. There are MANY things Asirikuy´s tools can do that SQ can´t (GPU usage for PA strategies, neural networks in the Framework and being able to use DLLs and C++ code, community data mining and DMB measurement) and many that SQ has but Asirikuy doesn´t offer. It´s perfect addition so far for me. One thing is clear though: you have to be VERY tech savy (actually could go so far to say you should be a computer-geek) for the Asirikuy tools as many of them are command line based and run in Python, etc. For me that´s no problem, but for some it might, Asirikuy doesn´t offer everything under one graphical interface like SQ does.


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