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    I purchased lifetime Strategy Quant last week….could not upload account information and was given errors… customer support number to call….looked like posting question in Forum was the only way to get help so i did this…..still have not heard back from anyone….pretty disappointed already.

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    sorry for the issues. You can also contact the support using email You get a response faster and also attachments (screenshots, files) can be easily provided to help fix the problem

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    I found the support always kind and responsive: Tomas usually solves any request within 24 hours! SQ number 1! I advice you to write by email to get faster answers.

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    Im happy too

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    I am happy also

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    I am happy too.


    sherie77 , I think you expectation is to high.


    SQ is not a consumer product for millions of people. It is a high advanced product to find profitable trading strategies. It is not possible to find similar products on the market.

    The development team of SQ is a small team. They develop at the moment at a new version on SQ 4.X.X

    I think they need at the moment all manpower to release this new product version.

    With product version 3.8.1 you can earn money. With product version 4.X.X many new features are available. All people are waiting for the new version.

    Give the team some more days.



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    I agree, somethime the support need simply a time but i was written 6 Mails to different thematics and i get one answer…..with advertisment inside……..that can not be i think……..
    But mybe with this i can live because the programm is stable, the website is working and everything makes a well-groomed impression but also this is not true, in the moment.


    Also a lot of links in the knowledgedatabase are not working……..

    Quality looks different, highly respected StratagyQuant-Team!

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    Dear Marcel,

    Regarding your emails and answers:

    The 1st email – sent on 4th September, answered the same day
    The 2nd email – sent on 5th September, answered the same day
    The 3rd email – sent on 10th September, answered the same day
    The 4th email – sent on 11th September, answered the same day
    The 5th email – sent on 12th September, answered on 14th September
    The 6th email was received just 4 hours ago.

    Another email was received on 5th September – partnership request. You were contacted directly by our business development manager Jan Rohrbacher.

    Can you tell me, where here is the problem, please? Maybe because we refused cooperation with you?

    Thank you.

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    Than it should be not a problem to send me again this mails? I have to know it to solve maybe problems with local it
    One of the tasks was, why i still do not see my liftelicense in my dashboard + i´m still only a “participant” and not a “customer” in the forum. Maybe you can prefer this mail.
    Refused ? What is refused?

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    Why you delete my mistakereport-post about ?

    Give me an other source and i will report this in a other source but simply to delete the problematic thematics should be not a solution

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    Thank you for the changing the status!!!

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    So, my thematics are solved.

    The SQ-Team contact me via skype. The mistake was that my e-mails did not passed the securitysystem of SQ. Thank you all!

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    No one responding to my emails or skype… Is it normal?
    I asked few simple questions..
    – Why I cant edit my forum profile? I’m getting 404 :( – No Answer.
    – How i can use my Nick  name as display name on forums?
    – I also asked for the bonus materials, since it says in client areas that i have to ask for those via email – No Answer…
    Please Respond

    Thank You

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    Hello, I have sent you replies into your email. Please check your mailbox and let us know if any questions

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