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    I accidentally posted this in EA Wizard area, it’s meant for here, thanks:

    This is copied from forex-tsd forum from supposedly a real trader, it sounds genuine, perhaps the indicators and suggestions mentioned herein will be helpful towards further development of GB??:

    Trading is damn hard to do BUT not impossible. The best free advice I can give is learn trend analysis and learn how to PROPERLY identify support and resistance. Then learn about trends within trends and fractal analysis.Everything else, supply and demand, orderflow, elliot waves, 123’s, fibs, pivots etc etc IMHO are all just other expressions for trend and SR analysis. I had to learn about all the others to realise all I needed was just trend and SR.Keep it simple, buy at support and sell at resistance . Good Luck!p.s. I forgot to mention, TRENDS WORK ON EVERY TIME FRAME. Try to think of every trend as just a retracement on a higher time frame. What looks like an uptrend on the H1 may just be a test of resistance on a downtrend on the daily time frame, that downtrend on the daily could just be a test of support in an uptrend on the monthly timeframe, think about it!When you understand trends you can trade any timeframe with absolute confidence (providing you have the psychological discipline required, but that’s another subject entirely) .

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